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Location: Gouda, The Netherlands
Type: transformation of a farm into a dwelling
Completion: 2016
Client: Private
In collaboration with: Atelier Architecten
Gross Floor Area: 300 m²

Our aim was to transform the dark cow barn into a lively bright living space, not losing its characteristics from the time it was a farm. By means of a spatial study, it was investigated where floor parts could be removed and light let into the barn, but also how characteristic elements that recalled the time when cows inhabited the space could be preserved.

This has resulted in an interesting spatial experience in which the space alternately feels intimate and safe for the user, but also specious in contact with the surrounding polder landscape. The space underneath the remaining floor keeps, with its low floor hight and small farm windows, the cosy atmosphere desirable for a seating area. A glass conservatory following the shape of the pitched roof at the back of the barn adds an extra light space from where you can watch the clouds pass by. The wooden columns have beautiful shapes due to the sanding of the cowhide. These are placed on natural stone pedestals, in which power outlets have been concealed.