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Studio Canius Degenaar is a small architecture studio based in Amsterdam.

We have a strong fascination for the question how it is possible that some old buildings could remain in use for centuries. To be well equipped for today’s sustainable tasks, insight into this area is necessary. It has to do with the flexibility of the plan, the properties of the materials used, the location but for sure also with beauty. It is crucial as an architect to design space that give people a rich experience that they love to store in their memory. After all, a place that is loved will have less chance of being demolished...

Eline Degenaar (1990) currently works at Elephant in Amsterdam as well practice independently developing small-scale residential projects. She has previously worked for H5 architects on large-scale residential projects, for Kraaijvanger Architects on the highschool campus Lelystad and a museum for the philosophy of life, at Atelier van Berlo on the transformation of a powerplant into offices, at Studio Maarten van Kesteren on a renovation of a school for crafts and at Braaksma & Roos she participated in the valuelab; a multidisciplinary team that conducts research into possible new interpretations for the vacant state property in the International Zone of The Hague. She studied Architecture at the Technical University of Delft and the Technical University of Berlin.

Peter Canisius (1988) currently works at Studioninedots in Amsterdam as well practice independently developing small-scale residential projects. He has previously worked for EM2N in Switzerland and in the Netherlands he worked for Chris Collaris, Atelier van Berlo, OZ Architect and Paul de Ruiter. As a result, he has experience with many different projects in all scales. At OZ Architect, Peter worked on the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Amsterdam, at Atelier van Berlo on a large residential tower, at EM2N on a building for the University of Zurich and for Chris Collaris on many private homes. Peter Canisius studied at TU Delft and the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam.

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