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Artists compact home 

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Type: apartment
Completion: 2022
Status: under construction
Client: private
Gross Floor Area: 47 m²

An artists couple assigned us to investagete how to create maximum spaciousness in there compact home. They wished for a place where they could relax, exhibit their valuables, get inspired and also important; offering a place  for friends to stay over.

By keeping the floorpan as open as possible, integrate smart storage areas, and emphasize on views and daylight we designed a royal spacious feeling on only 47 square meter. The ‘day’ area consists of one continuous space that houses the dining room, kitchen,  living room and an inspiration-space fully clad in wood. From the daybed you have a beautiful view of the large platan tree in front of the window. A wall covering bookcase offers sufficient inspiration for developing new work. The wooden space can be closed with a sliding door offerting guests privacy.

Storey-high interior elements have been placed here at strategic locations that naturally separate the spaces from each other and serve as the storage space. The color and material concept enhances the spaciousness of this apartment. Quite white and gray background colors have been chosen for the walls and floor. The interior elements here stand out in terms of color and materialization and thus define the spaces. This combination provides a fresh and spacious character to the home.